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    I have been working with Chad for the past 8 months and am amazed at what I have accomplished with him. At one time I was told by my physician that I could not be a runner, and now 20 pounds lighter and considerably stronger, I’ll be running my first half marathon this year!
    It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege working with Chad for the past nine months. He is a delight to train with not only because of his extensive background, but because he is such a sweet guy, truly one of the loveliest people I have ever worked with.
  • Cori W
    Symbio provides a personal, professional and comfortable atmosphere and I had a fantastic experience here. After attending a different clinic in the city and having a negative experience, I came to Symbio in desperate need of a professional who I felt comfortable working with.
    Cori W
  • Nick D
    ….the entire staff as a whole is top-notch. It doesn't feel like PT when I'm at PT, and in the best possible way. I am in the NY professional medical world myself, and knowing every physician and practice in this city I can say with confidence that Symbio is among the best of the best.
    Nick D
  • Paul M
    Best care I've gotten for a chronic neck condition.
    Paul M
  • Glenn D
    After a number of sessions with and coaching from my physical therapist, Veronica, I am well on my way to fully rehabilitating that injury.
    Glenn D
  • Rebecca M
    As a professional dancer, they have helped me through my chronic injuries / pain and are attentive and honest  I love that they take a look at the entire body as a whole, not just the affected area, to really see what's going on in your alignment or imbalances.
    Rebecca M
  • Nadia K
    My experience with Symbio has been excellent. Everything from scheduling appointments, to insurance matters, to my actual therapy appointments have been great. The front desk staff are always polite and welcoming, and the office is always clean and comfortable.
    Nadia K
  • Nic D
    Symbio is easily the best PT facility in NY. I have a whole host of issues with my body that I basically just gave up on and began living with the pain as though it were normal, and after continual treatment by both Chad & Stavros I have noticed an immense change in my body and the way it feels and the way different bones and muscles interact with each other.
    Nic D

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