Residency – Where My Journey Has Begun

Hey everyone out there in internet land. My name is Stavros Vouyiouklis, and I am one of the Resident Physiotherapist at Symbio Physiotherapy. I have been a practicing clinician for a total of 6 … months. Yup that’s it. I have worked within PT practices for over 10 years prior to getting into PT school as an aide. I learned to have an appreciation for what it takes to make a clinic run optimally, and work with individuals on an individual basis.

The road to get to where I am after PT school has been long, daunting, and far more rewarding than I could have ever possibly imagined. Years of studying, examinations, practicals and finally passing my boards was all I needed to prepare myself for the real world. Or was it?

I began my position at Symbio in January of 2017. The program at Touro College prepared me better than I could have possibly imagined alongside all of the continuing education that I have done both during and after PT school.

So what happens at the residency program at Symbio?


Wait What!?

That’s right. Learning.

School prepares you and gives you the cold hard facts, yes. However, because Physios deal with individuals and their individual health needs, things aren’t always textbook. THIS is what makes the residency experience worthwhile. Having a mentor who you have time with and excellent communication with to discuss those patients who may have you stumped, or are just not getting better as quickly as you would have hoped. Furthermore, having a skilled and experienced set of eyes sitting in on your evaluations and treatments while getting critical feedback following these sessions is invaluable. Watching the very same skilled clinician tap dance his way through an evaluation and treatment is like watching a symphony orchestra play a masterpiece. It’s all of the components coming together to provide one uniform art piece that you truly have to get a firsthand experience to appreciate.

Now, I chose to apply to this residency program and was fortunate enough to be one of the physios selected. I think that I have learned more in these last 6 months than if I was just set free to figure things out on my own. I feel that anyone who truly wants to excel at any field they are in should seek out a mentor and residency program to get the most out of their first year fresh out of school. It’s not easy. It is a lot of work. Lots of one-on-one meetings, skill development labs, continuing education courses, personal growth, and monthly readings. But hey, you don’t work this hard to just cruise through life right? You keep on pushing. I keep on pushing. That’s how I got here in the first place.

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