Wagner Mello, RN, BSN, MS, L.Ac.

Symbio Physiotherapy

Licensed Acupuncturist





Where has Wagner been?

Growing up on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wagner loved soaking up the sun and surf. It wasn’t all fun and relaxation however, as his strong work ethic and love for people was a guiding force in choosing his career. Wagner studied nursing at the Anna Nery School of Nursing in Rio, then went on to receive his Master’s degree in critical care nursing. He worked for over 20 years in Rio as a bedside nurse, then further became a nursing director where he continued to develop his skills and expertise in his field.

In 2001 during a trip to visit and observe the stroke unit and care at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, Wagner was invited to stay and become a member of their care team. Since that time he has continued to grow as a critical care nurse in the emergency and cardiac specialties, and continues his nursing practice at Lenox Hill Hospital.


Where is Wagner now?

Wagner’s desire for continued growth and knowledge lead him to Pacific College, where he earned his Master’s degree in acupuncture and continues to study towards receiving his Doctorate degree. As a licensed acupuncturist also certified in facial acupuncture, Wagner combines the keen assessment skills he acquired as a critical care nurse with the training he has undergone in Eastern practices to provide patients with the most comprehensive healing effects. This understanding and combination of both Western and Eastern medicine practices allows Wagner to help his patients more thoroughly and individually.


Where is Wagner going?

Wagner’s plan is to continue his journey forward as a private practitioner. By reducing his hospital workload he is able to make more time available for practicing acupuncture. But fear not – there will be no reduction in his bowtie collection!