Micheal Oakes


Symbio Physiotherapy – Physiotherapist

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Director of Resident Education

Where has Michael been?

We know you’re all just DYING to know, so here’s Mike’s life journey in a nutshell. Mike was born in Seoul, South Korea with the birth name Haejoon Kwon (pronounced “Hey-June” Kwon. We know, very exotic). He came over to the states when he was two and a half years old and spent most of his childhood growing up in the Bronx. By default, he is a Yankee’s fan but, really, his heart and soul lies with the New York Knicks. Fast-forward a few years, he pursued a degree in biology at Stony Brook University and went on to earn his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Touro College. Mike graduated among the top in his class, received the Highest Clinical Achievement Award, and was his year’s graduation speaker. The ability to provide meaningful quality care while facilitating and developing rich personal relationships is what initially drew Mike to the field of physical therapy and is what continues to fuel his drive to keep pushing and to keep getting better.

Where is Michael now?

Live like today matters. If Mike had a tag line for life, that’d be it. In the world we live in, where instant gratification is king and everyone is all about the next big thing, it’s easy to forget that greatness and success aren’t born overnight. It takes time to cultivate the necessary skills and disciplines to accomplish your goals. Mike understands this and uses this philosophy in every sphere of his life, especially when working with his patients. As much as we’d all love a magic pill that’d make us stronger, faster, and healthier overnight, it simply doesn’t exist. Mike believes that the key to better health and, more importantly, a better life is making the right decisions consistently over the course of time. It’s the sum total of all the small choices, not the quantum leaps, that ultimately determine where you are and where you’re going.

Where is Michael going?

Mike’s desire to be great and his conviction to make every day count is really what makes answering this question difficult for him. He is a full-time resident physiotherapist at Symbio Physiotherapy, a graduate teaching assistant in Touro College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, and a blogger (you should check him out on our company’s website!). He is currently seeking to become a certified manual therapist through the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy as well as a strength and conditioning specialist. He will also be taking LJ Lee’s Connect Therapy series later this year in Vancouver.

Outside the realm of physical therapy, Mike is a Crossfitter (if you ever see him walking funny, you know why) and an avid Knicks fan. He hopes to one day be able to run and complete a full marathon.

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