Chad Woodard


Symbio Physiotherapy – Principal Director

Doctor of Physical Therapy

PhD Candidate

Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Sports Clinical Specialist

Certified Manual Physical Therapist

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Where has Chad been?

An easier question might be where has Chad not been. With a voracious appetite for traveling and living life to its fullest, keeping up with him could be another full time job at Symbio PT! After growing up in New Mexico, Chad moved to the Big Apple in 2002 with bright eyes and aspirations to make it big on Broadway. Instead, he made it huge as a restaurant server. Glamorous lifestyle that it was, along with debilitating pain after dance class, that life led him to physical therapy school where he wondered where things went so right.

The marriage between fitness, have a positive role in someone’s life, public speaking, and mentorship is what he found in and out of PT school. A better career could not have been designed.

Where is Chad now?

Triathlete, mentor, professor, lecturer, fitness enthusiast, educator, master clinician, orthopedic specialist, principal director, father of 2 very hairy children with bad breath. Following a dream should not be an option, but rather a necessity. Chad’s dream was to build a wellness clinic that improved the lives of everyone who entered the space: patients, fellow team members, students, athletes. To build a space that people actually wanted to be every day. To create an environment where everyone grew and improved because of each other, not in spite of each other. Symbio Physiotherapy was born from this dream, an accomplishment that Chad sites as one of his proudest achievements.

Where is Chad going?

Chad is not short on ambition, making this a difficult question to answer succinctly. Cliff notes version: growing Symbio PT to establish a new standard of care in NYC, (finally) finishing his PhD, build a team at Symbio of experts in the field who also happen to be good and likeable people, travel the world, race at Kona (estimated date: 2087), find a reason to smile and laugh every day.

Chad is convinced that he is unquestionably the luckiest man in the world, and was smart enough to build a team of people around him who make that a reality. Regardless of where he goes and what else he achieves, he wakes up reminding himself that he is already there and has already succeeded.

Chad also specializes in the treatment of Male Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. To learn more, click here.

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