We Turned One!!!

Ok, that’s not entirely true. Symbio was actually founded in November of 2015 but this past Thursday we celebrated our first year in the beautiful clinic that we call home. This post is really about gratitude. Thank you for supporting us in this first year and for continuing to believe in what we believe.

Symbio was founded with the crazy notion that we exist because of each other and that we get better together. We believe that we are at our best when patient and therapist facilitate the growth of one another. Our goal was to create a community of people nurtured by these meaningful symbiotic relationships. If we had it our way, the whole world would be living this way!

Over the course of the past year, your feedback and love has helped to keep us going and let us know that we were heading in the right direction. Nothing has highlighted how extensive our community has grown into quite like our anniversary party. Past and current patients filled our clinic space and illuminated why we consider you family. We love our jobs and love you guys! Thank you for making Symbio what it is today. We could not have done this without you! Here’s to hoping for many more years of caring relationships, community and growth. Here’s to hoping for many more years of Symbio.

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